Cisco Refurbished Products

Infinity Supply is definitely your source for Pre-Owned, Used, and Refurbished Cisco Products.

Infinity Supply offers a better solution than buying new: save a bundle on purchasing costs, and generate less waste. We are a trusted supplier of a wide range of Cisco refurbished products.

Cisco is globally used by the biggest organizations and is consistently one of the leading innovators in new network technologies. They set the standard for scalability with systems that can cope with the largest networks. Cisco refurbished switches deliver best in class performance, security, and scalability to businesses of all sizes. When you purchase certified refurbished cisco servers from Infinity Supply, you can be confident that the products are fully tested, restored using genuine Cisco parts to Cisco’s exact standards, and upgraded with the latest proprietary software and hardware upgrades.


Since network technology advances every few years, businesses are upgrading the equipment when it still has plenty of life left. As a Cisco refurbished supplier, we are fully certified and knowledgeable on all of the benefits the program brings to any network infrastructure.

We deliver Cisco refurbished without compromise to performance, quality, support, and warranty. We offer competitive pricing, no hidden costs, and financing that maximize value over every aspect of the solution lifecycle. Latest proprietary hardware and software upgrades help ensure maximum in-network performance, scalability, reliability, and compatibility. Refurbished network equipment has many benfits.

Cisco refurbished routers and Cisco refurbished switches can save you money. We guarantee that our used Cisco routers and switches will function as they were intended by the manufacturer. When you purchase refurbished Cisco hardware from us you know you’re getting high-quality products built for a long life of reliable network service. At the end of the day, we want you to have a feeling like you got a competitive price and superior quality merchandise and service. Your satisfaction is very important to us.

At Infinity Supply, we believe that your company can get a solution that’s the right fit for you and your unique requirement. You are in charge of what your network infrastructure consists of and how much you can afford to spend on it. Thus, any money saved on networking hardware can be re-allocated to other areas of your business that need it the most.


Cisco systems will help you in creating a more responsive, intelligent, and integrated network. Infinity Supply carries Cisco’s diverse set of high-performing and secure system. We provide Cisco refurbished products to a range of businesses. To ensure the best possible selection, cost efficiency and flexibility for our clients, we can provide the best quality and great value of our Cisco products. Businesses around the world have realized great savings by choosing quality Cisco refurbished. Our clients are main global telecom operators.